Peripheral Evil Part 6 (Rewind to Rosalyn Time)

Rosalyn thought she was alone in her room when she read the tabloid headline, “DragZilla named Simone drowns man in toilet.”
“Why are you such a weirdo?”Her sneeky sister asked.
“Get out of my room you little creep.”
(Door Slams)
Rosalyn sat back in her bean bag and read, when the first magpie flew in her room. She watched the bird fly through the wall into the hall then return to her desk. She couldn’t help but admire the elegance of the black and white messenger.
The gentle apparition stalked her every movement,with almost an innocent fascination. When Rosalyn stretched her tiny fingers to touch her admirer, the demure magpie—
The deafening noise was accompanied by thousands of the haunting magpies answering the call and filling the room, like a black and white feathered cyclone.
When the birds flew through the wall towards her sister’s room, the terrified girl in the fetal position, gained the courage to run after them.

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