I Hate Bookshelves(Bookshelf challenge)

The shelf itself is little, by grownupstandards (one word)
but when i was a kid it was huge. When the lime green paint was new it used to house DR. Suess,Where the Wild Things Are,a book about model trains, and a Darth Vader action figure carrying case
Now the green paint is barely visible, and the only Seuss book is his book of erotic paintings. I never got a model train, but i guess it’s never to late when it comes to a boy’s love of model trains. I still have the darth vader case, but now it houses my coin collection.In one slot, where luke used to live, there’s a car wash token from the day my mom found out she was pregnant with my sister.(1984) There is a movie token from the first time i met my dad(i jumped the turnstile and kept the token1980) in the slot Yoda lived in. My most valuable coins live in Boba Fett’s old slot, a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and a penny. Forty one cents, from the time my grandpa took me to breakfast at Mabelle’s and let me keep the change.(2007)

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