Mapping Algorithms

The new “Replisuite” would have fooled him if he hadn’t been the one who installed the new tactic holo emitters. Since the new science movement discovery of spacial rifts, reality had quickly become the new fiction.

Looking through out the room he attempted to distinguish anything that would reveal his true location. He felt like he was at home, on his bed relaxing. This was good since he was actually on the 35th floor in a new suite at the “Jumeirah Emirates Towers” in Dubai.

His install seemed flawless, a perfect replication. He pushed a button on a nearby remote and said “Run “Eros Beta One.”

The room lights dimmed, soft music played and a floral scent graced the air. The bathroom door opened and out walked a tall, beautiful woman wearing a pink teddy. She was slowly combing her long black hair, her breasts swayed ever so slightly as she approached and spoke.

“More tests?”
“Yes.” Said the man grinning.
“What is it this time?” She said setting down the brush.
“We need to check your mapping algorithms.”

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