My Best Friend's Bf

It felt wrong as his arm wrapped around mine.

I was sitting in an old pickup truck,..close..very my best friend’s boyfriend. She has been with him for almost over a year..
We were parked in an empty driveway,..and we had been talking for along time. Then, as i was reaching for my purse, he grabbed my hand.
Why was I even in his car in the first place? He offered to drive me home. But I didn’t expect him to make a move..I have to admit, I do really like him. but my best friend..we have been like sisters ever since we were in diapers!
But now I was alone,..sitting close by his side, with his hand still capturing mine,..and his arm wrapped around my shoulder..
He leaned in, and I breathed in the minty fresh scent of his own breath,..then I shut my eyes, and prepared for what was coming. Our lips touched,..and then it began.

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