The Annorexic Child

Ellie,the depressed girl living in her world of confusion.

She felt her head becoming lighter,but she didn’t care. She kept her eyes locked onto the mirror’s reflection.

Better,she thought,but still fat.

Ellie was obsessed with her own appearence. No time had ever been so complicated in her life than now. She felt empty.

She turned from the mirror. She wanted so bad to reach for food,for anything to fill her stomach. She had barely eaten for about a week,only protein bars her mom had stacked far into their pantry. Feeling the exceeding hunger, she walked into the dark kitchen and reached for her chocolate flavored protein bar.

Better,she thought,but still feeling starved, empty, and stressed.

Her head was still feeling lighter, her stomach empty, and her legs became weak.

She felt as if her body was struggling to keep her up, and she fainted, fell to the cold kitchen ground.

Her little brother heard the thump of her body fall to the floor, and he woke up, and rushed to her side.

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