Tears of Goodbye

He held her hand with the gentlest touch. It was a touch so perfect, just at the right moment, and not rushing for the wrong reasongs, but enough to comfot her grieving. They were walking on the beach. Not talking, just walking. Walking slowly while watching their footprints fade in the sand as the waves washed over them.

The sun was setting, and this moment was due to end. He was leaving. He was leaving for good. It was so perfect. Why did he have to leave? She’d be left all alone again; an empty heart, being left for another. Yes, there was another. It was clear that he loved her, but what was she to do?

This isn’t her home, and this isn’t his home. How could this work? She didn’t even know his name. Nothing. He was just this mysterious boy with the most perfect grey-blue eyes and the darkest red-brown hair. The way it gently shifted as he walked was enough to take her breath away.

Slowly he turns to her.
“It’s finally time. I really must go now”

She turns as a tear runs softly down her cheek.

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