Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey

Over the next couple of weeks I saw a lot of Rohn. He came over on a daily basis either to see me or meet with my mom for counseling (mostly to see me!)

One time in particular, Rohn came to see my mom but arrived early. Hannah and I had not know this or we would have been safely inside; not wearing bathing suits.

We were lying out in the sun when, suddenly, Hannah figured that Rohn might come early to see me. I told her I didn’t think so and we minded our own business until we heard a startling crackle of leaves. Low and behold, there was Rohn, fresh from 4H camp and armed with his Lucky Penny award to show off to me.

Hannah and I bolted straight up and covered up with our towels. Rohn told us all about his adventures of camp and then my mom invited him to stay for dinner. She had made broccoli cheese soup and the three of us (Rohn, Hannah, and me) sat at the picnic table on the deck and ate.

It was evident very quickly that Rohn detested the soup. He tried to hide it but I knew.

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