Diary of a Teenage Runaway

Dear Diary,
I’m cold and alone.
I haven’t found any place to stay..and I’m afraid.
Running away wasn’t my plan, but none of my plans seem to go so well anyways.
I’m searching.
I’m searching for food, searching for shelter, right now,..just searching for anything to keep me alive.
I feel lost. Hopeless. Ashamed.
I could be home, I could be safe and warm, hidden under my soft blankets, head resting on my fluffy pillow. But then it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t have the chance to fall asleep anyways. I would be kept awake listening to the cries of my mom and the bellowing voice of my dad.

But this was better.

I have nothing right now,..except the calmness of the sea beside me and the quietness of the ground beneath me. I can hear myself breathe, and I can fall asleep peacefully.

But its much harder to survive then I had ever imagined.

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