League Of Awesomeness 2075 Or Beyond Challenge.

Ok i missed my 100th ficlet because of a ficliting frenzy but i would like to make a challenge anyway.
Often times grand or infamous things evolve from humble beginnings. i.e. Christainity from fishing buddies, Skull and bones from bored rich kids. Nasa from julies Verne fans. you get the picture. What will a group of alias writers from the internet who are inspired by the altruistic leadership of Dr Tim (THX) evolve into by 2075.

This challenge will ficlet in length.

subject or inspiration.
What will the league of awesomeness evolve into by 2075 or beyond.

Extra credit..If you can plug someone elses character from another series you get a cookie.

Also in honor of the LOA it would behoove every contestant to read and comment everyone elses
The winner will recieve a free ficlets membership.
Have fun i really want see your ideas..

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