Diary of a Teenage Runaway 2

Dear Diary,

I’ve been out here for a couple of days, and my feet are already becoming weak. It’s getting harder to find food out here, and the weather is becoming harsh.

I keep a picture of my love, Ben, stacked into my backpack, and only take it out when I need courage, and when I need hope. This was one of those times..I gazed at it, as a teardrop fell gently onto the photo, creating a wet mark, close to all the other marks which had stained the close to faded away picture.

I am eating the food sparingly, its becoming scarce. I have found it is useless fishing, because the fish are always hiding into the deep sea, and I haven’t had the courage to go out there, I have been staying close to the shore, where a feeling of safety overwhelmes me.

Home, my mom, my dad, the surplus supply of food, McDonalds!, this all crossed my mind every once in a while.

But with the good, I need to remember the bad, let go of the past, and focus on the present.

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