sketch squirrels on the scene

Have you ever seen the invisible midget marauders of Mordor battle? It is a sight to behold, and one only to be had by those intrepid few willing to sizzle their brains away tweaked to the gills IN PUBLIC ….
Sitting on my favorite barstool and suddenly everyones delusions start battling, the entire room is having a psychic grand mal and i’m the only one who can see it. A mixed blessing this,because I am sole witness to the hip hop dance off between the ninja moles that dog my every step, and the jank gnomes clustered over every inch of Cuntry muttering to himself at the video crack machine. Just when it seemed the ninja moles would triumph(no small feat as jank gnomes are Very limber)the sketch squirrels that trail behind the next shifts bartender as he enters the room ,end the peaceful dance off and trigger and three way battle royal with no sides taking prisoners.They all wanted blood.
The sketch squirrels were the most blood thirsty of all.You see they can’t dance…

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