Last Night a Drag Queen Saved My Life

One of the benefits of being a girl in a gay bar is that you can dress like a total whore with impunity.Dikes aren’t rude if they think you’re hot. They’re actually quite charming and even chivalrous. Also unexpectedly chivalrous- ginormous drag queens. Just let some random hetero trash wander in off Bourbon Street and start hassling – oh anybody.
One of nature’s true marvels is six and half feet of faux female fierceness picking up some unsuspecting lout and giving him the airborn bum’s rush out of swinging French doors. We’ve all seen the move in various cartoons , the hero picks up the villain at collar and waistband swings them through the air they attain a certain amount of lift and describe a gentle arc through the air landing with a crash and some cartoon dust. What you’ve never seen in the cartoon is 350lbs of he/she in makeup and heels and very little else tossing a frat boy like a bag of dirty laundry…
A toast! To the drag queens everywhere and a girls right to wear sheer shirts!

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