John was pleased with the way that things had gone. As he cleaned off his Peacemaker, which had been spattered with blood and grey matter from the first shot, he reflected on a job well done. Mister Sparks was going to be very pleased.

He had already heard that the Police were mystified as to how the killings had occurred. In truth there was no riddle to solve; the five heavies were killed so that he could get to Smalley, if they had run after the first one fell he would have let them live – why waste the rounds?

Mister Sparks had been very clear about how he wanted Smalley to die, and though John was most pleased to perform surgical kills he was not squeamish over special requests. It had been hard to find a knife that was able to pierce an average skull easily enough that he could be precise about the entry points of the stab wounds. He had found the perfect one in a hunting store in Virginia a week before and paid cash. It was a small place with no cameras, so he had decided to keep the knife for now.

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