Living with Her

Claire stared at her mom, with blank eyes.
She felt so much pain, sitting across the table from her drunk mom. The two were sitting so close, but to Claire it felt so far.
This was the day her mom had chosen to come home, after a week of being out, not telling Claire where she was going; or what she was doing. But this wasn’t the first time.
Claire had been staring at her mom, silent, with her eyes speaking for her.
The difficulty to return the stare resulted in her mom switching her eyes towards every direction, not meeting Claire’s eyes for even a moment.
“Mom, where were you?” Claire uttered. “Where were you!” Her voice became louder. “Answer me! Mom, answer, what was so important that you had to leave me? Mah, what could be so important that you weren’t there for me, that you never are! Mah, what? Tell me!” Tears bursted from Claire’s eyes, she banged the table with her fists, and bellowed the words out. Her mom came to hug her. “Answer me mom! Answer!” She struggled to escape the hug…

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