The Nut Punch as Horseman of the Apocalypse

For years the very archetype of comic pratfall was slipping on a banana peel.The worm turned , the earth moved on ,man grows more vulgar and suddenly it’s a kick to the nuts that is the very zenith of comic violence. The infinite variations possible within this equation have made it an entertainment staple. It’s crass and low brow but done right it’s gold.
Lately I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend in various media.Apparently a kick to the gnads is passe. We are entering the dark dawn of the era of the nut punch.Some latent homo taboo once prevented comic violence from engaging in any hand to nut contact whatsoever.With the loosening of social mores(generally a good thing) we’ve opened the door to the cultural apocalypse. The nut punch is a harbinger of doom – soon it will devolve into the sack bite and then we’ll have nowhere to go but dynamiting vaginas.And how do we go on from there,we’ve already explored the possibilities of anal woodland creature.What happens after that?Think of the children…

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