the 21rst Cut: Living with Her

Claire was alone, again.
Her mom had left the house, left her.
As usual, she had no idea where her mom was going; or when she would be back.

Claire felt neglected. She felt hopeless, as if she had done something to push her mom away.
If only her dad were still alive, then maybe her mom wouldn’t run away and get drunk.

Tears of anger ran down Claire’s cheek,her eyes became filled with frustration and fear.

Claire ran into her mom’s room, pushed everything aside, banged against the wall, threw the pillows off the bed.Her tears became sweat,which poured down her forehead. She let out a loud scream, her hair was stuck to the sweat on her forehead.
Claire opened a case filled with kitchen utensils and took out a knife. She fell to the floor, and added another cut, close to the other ones. This one represented 21. The 21rst cut. Then.. she heard footsteps, and she saw her mom looking in from the doorway. She knew by her mother’s eyes, it was time for them to have a talk.

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