I left him wanting more(my bestfriend's bf pt4)

I wanted to get out of the car.

My heart was thundering, pounding, banging against my chest. I felt more remorse than before, and knew this wasn’t what I needed, more drama just waiting to happen.

I sat frozen on the other side of the car, looking at him. Our eyes were both locked onto one anothers. I wanted so bad to just fall into his arms, kiss him one last time. But I couldn’t take the chance of someone seeing us.

I grabbed my purse, opened the car door, and looked back down at him. He faced me, his eyes pleading. I turned around, and walked inside my house.

I left him wanting more.

And a train of fear ran throughout my mind.
I walked up the steps, and turned around as his car pulled out of my driveway.
I just wanted to go to my room, lay down on my bed next to my puppy, and fall asleep, forgetting all of this happened. But I knew I couldn’t forget. No matter how much I wanted to.

As soon as I entered my room, greeted by Cheezits, my puppy, my phone rang.
..It was Lea.

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