My Multi-lingual Spider Robot from Walmart

“Just let me guess why you picked up the multi-lingual robot,”
Vikki inquired. “You want to flirt with that hot German girl next

“You think it’ll work?” Daniel asked.

“I dunno. Hey – turn it on.” Vikki said.

Daniel moved his hand in an upward motion and the spider-
like robot came to life. Swaying on eight polymer legs, it slid
accross the slippery kitchen floor and stopped in front of the two teenagers.

“This is so COOL !” Daniel shouted.

“Dan, I’ve been hearing about these things since we were
kids,” Vikki said. “Talk about Farewell to the Master.
What will things be like in another 10 years?!”

A humming sound came from the robot and it began to speak in an articulate voice unlike any machine they had ever heard before – sort of… “Written in the early part of the 20th century, Farewell to the Master was adapted into the film The Day the Earth Stood Still. Walmart has 6,000 copies of this film in 200 DVD formats and 80 different screen formats.” The robot stated.

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