Here I am stuck in the middle with jews

Doc the bartender impersonator leans in and asks if I’ll ,”pour this hustin’ cock sucker a drink while I use this hooker in the bathroom”...Well saying no not being my strong suit , I shlepped my sci-fi punky brewster lookin ass behind the bar and poured a drink for Cuntry while the erstwhile bartender adjourned to the skeeve hole that was serving as a bathroom to get his dick sucked by some rental property he’d been referring to as “trick baby” all day long.
Over the course of the next 45 minutes various and sundry aquaintances strolled in and were either shocked or delighted at my presence behind the bar,in the meantime my buzz was wearin off and that had to be the goddamn longest bar bathroom blow job in recorded history,where is this nigga at ?!
“Sorry that took so long ,I couldn’t get off until she let me piss in her mouth…”

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