Petition To Have John Perkins Legally Declared Awesome. Sign It Or Your Cat Will Get Fleas.

Ok you know how sometimes you will be working on a series and noone, i mean noone has yet to say a word, but you do it anyway.(because we are artist and that is what we do.)
But then one day out of the blue, some weirdo comes along and reads all twenty episodes and really read em(like you used that noun as a verb i like that, read em’). Then that series that you didnt understand why noone read, got its second wind, and then Between-Spaces sequels it and Anna helps you out Jenunique makes it creepy and surreal and maybe i comment about how i dont like the breed of dog your hero owns cause they shed, and before you know it, its blown up. That guy who first noticed you was John Perkins.
Well i am not trying to be nice, but john said he wasnt awesome so he couldnt join the LOA . So i would like everyone who agrees to this to please comment and by doing so you will be signing the petition to have John Perkins legaly declared awesome.

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