Simone Ain't all bad

“Hey Charles can you get the queen of sketch off the balcony and ask her how to make a cubra libra?”
“Doc why are you bartending?”
“I am not bartending i am just watching the bar for Eddie Foss”
“Cause he freakin asked me to. Get Mrs.Bentley or get out!”
“I cant Simone is out there.”
A tall redhead of the Nichole Kiddman Persuasion approached the bar and questioned, “Are yall hiring bartenders?”
“Well actually we are a little short handed you heard about our lead bartender?”
“Yeah the one who committed suicide when his birds died?”
“He was a good guy. Well yeah come in my ofice and i’ll get some info from you. Charles watch the bar and don’t leave it or your baned from here.”
Doc escorted the young lady in the back, but only afte r he stopped by the balcony and yelled,” Hey Simone Charles wanted to talk to you, he is behind the bar.”
“You been running this place for a week were is Eddie?”
“He’ll be back momma, and don’t hurt Charles i might be a while.” Doc replied with his Jewish smile.

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