Colorado part 6: Everything

I had the room key in hand already and slid it through the slot. It flashed the green light and I opened the door.
Just looking inside the room made my jaw drop. I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams for the room to be this big. I walked in, rolling the suitcase behind me.
First, when you walked in, there was another staircase, but this time it was carpet. And next to the staircase was the kitchen table that seated six and the kitchen counter separated the kitchen from the table. On the side of the kitchen and the table, there was the TV room. Then there was a hallway past the kitchen. That led to the master bedroom and the master bathroom.
Walking up the stairs, once at the top, there was an open hallway where you could look down on the kitchen table and TV room. It was kind of like a carpeted bridge. At the end of the hallway, there were two bedrooms and one bathroom that connected them together. It was incredible.
I rushed back downstairs my eyes wide with excitement.
“That’s everything,” my dad said.

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