The 8th Dawn of May {Epic Challenge}

This story begins on the eighth dawn of May
A story which I am afraid to say,
Could upset you in a saddening way.
Yet I begin Ben’s story right now, today.

There once was a tree that touched the sky.
Along with a man, he didn’t know why
But he wondered how it could reach so high.
So he began to climb as the day crept by.

The world ignored Ben as he disappeared in the cloud.
The earth gone from view all was soft, nothing loud.
The king of the sky stepped down tall and proud.
He swept back his cape, smiled and bowed.

“Greetings mere mortal, take my place and your wildest dreams await.â€?
Ben’s blue eyes widened as he sat on the throne staring upon the cloudy estate.
“All alone?â€? his voice echoed imagining his Kate.
“Yes.â€? yelled the king while he dashed through the gate.

His beauty, she swirled through the thoughts in his head
Seeing his love all alone? He wished for death instead.
He simply couldn’t leave the woman he had wed
So he jumped after the king who had cravenly fled.

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