She stepped into my light

A slender brunette women walks up to the stage. She is wearing a tight black top and a short jean skirt and stilettos that tied up her long caramel legs. I grab her hand and pull her up on to the stage. Gabrielle she says thats my name. I pull her closer to me and kiss her neck.
“Gabrielle would you like to spend the night with me?” She kisses me slowly sliding her tongue into my mouth. And moves her hands to my jeans starting to loosen up my buttons.
” I’ll take thats as a yes” she giggles and bits her lip
“yes I would” she answers. I lead her back to my room where I can play in her private.. I mean in private. As soon as we get to the room, she pulls me close. She unzips my jeans and slowly pulls them off. She slides her fingers in my panties caressing my lips. I moan and she looks pleased

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