Forever's Not That Long

I thought we’d be together forever. I thought you would always be by my side. That you would never leave me. But you did. You left me high and dry.

You left me to deal with all the pain and sorrow that had built up in those few years together. Sure things seemed perfect on the outside. Like we were the happiest people in the world. But things were wrong. So very wrong.

Other people wouldn’t be able to understand that being together was just killing you bit by bit. But I knew, I understood. Being together was just too much for you and I got that. I understood that being with me was just driving you crazy. Robbing you of your personality. I realized that. Maybe that’s why I survived your leaving.

Maybe that’s how I made it through the lonely nights. The nightmares. The hardly bearable suffering. But it was bearable because I knew it was what was best for you.

I knew it was the only way for you to survive. To give US a chance at a later time. Once you were ready to try again. So I’ll wait for now.

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