Whats the emergency?(My best friends Bf pt.5)

I dug my head into my pillow. My legs were hanging from the side of my bed. I didn’t want to answer, but new it would be the right thing to do.

I stared at my phone’s screen, and pressed ignore.

I felt terrible! A vibration came from beside me,
New Text
I opened my cell, to see who I had gotten the text from.
Lea: Call me ASAP
Should I call her? Well, I was thinking for a while, then I took my phone, and dialed.
I heard her pick up the phone, and her voice was shaky.
“Hey,..Lea. Whats the emergency girl?” I asked, trying so hard replace my fearfulness with a totally calm and fearless voice, one that could last long enough to hide all my lies and regret.
“Jude,..” I could hear her sniff, and could picture the tears in her eyes, she went on, “Jude,..Jude!..” Even I started to tear up.

I was hoping she had said enough….

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