The Annorexic Child 2

Her brother was afraid. He wasn’t sure what to do, how he should handle it.
He had sworn to her before that he would never tell anyone about the eating disorders she struggled with, but would this be an exception?
He pondered. He was thinking so hard, sweat began to drip from his forehead.He was so scared.
But he never left her side. He placed his hand on her boney chest, and checked for her pulse. Surprisingly her pulse was high, higher than normal.
Her little brother, Ezekiel, glanced back and forth across their bare kitchen, looking for something, anything that would give him even a clue of what he could do.
Ellie’s eyes flickered open. She stared up to her brother. A tear slid down her thin rosy cheeks.
She got enough strengh to reach out her small arm, and gently touch her brother’s cheek, wipping a tear from his face.
Ezekiel whispered to her,
“I’m gonna get you some help.”
Her eyes were filled with fear, her full attention focused on God.

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