The Fall of Wal-Mart (LoA 2075+ Challenge)

Detective Cooper sifted through heaps of paperwork, mechanically throwing out one and keeping the other.

Estranada came over. “They still got you doing the grunt work, eh?”

Cooper grunted noncommittally.

“Hey, cheer up. I hear that store you hate…what is it – Wal-Mart, yes, it’s getting shut down.”

Cooper looked up. “Really?”

“Oh, yeah, somethin’ about forced labor and little pay and ‘forcing the human race into submission.’ I tell ya, it must’ve been somethin’ big. The CIA , the FBI , the LAPD , the LoA….”

“LoA?” Cooper said.

“Oh, yeah, the uh…that one lit’rary organization. They wrote the tings what revealed Wal-Mart for what it was in the first place, apparen’ly. The GrandMaster orchestrated the whole ting.”

“He’s still alive?”

“Oh, sure, around 2055, he got one o’ those age enhancements. He’s about 120 now or somethin’. Said he wanned to ‘continue his calling to lift people to literacy and educate them on the merits of psychology.’”

“What do those have to do with each other?”

“No idea.”

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