Morning Drudgery

Layla sat looking at her phone, willing it to ring. The problem with not having an excuse to ring someone when all that you want is to hear their voice, is that very few people have the power to make that desired voice and the person attached to it make a phone call.

She placed the phone back on the desk by her keyboard and picked up her coffee. She took a sip; it was cold, of course. Most people might see this as the very last straw, but she was one of the true coffee fanatics that just saw this as unplanned iced-coffee experience, and carried on sipping as she flicked through RSS feed after RSS feed of work related internet mumblings.

It was one thing to ‘keep up’ with the comings and goings of the start-up world, but it was another dimension of madness, as far as she could see, to actually care about it. Sure keep a weather eye on any other companies in the same space, but does it really matter if start-up X operating in a totally different market has announced that they have their first round funding?

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