Twin Souls: The Invasion

“Constance!â€? my father shouts. “They’re here!â€?
It was the last thing I want him to say.
“What? Now!?â€? I blurt.
“Yes, now.â€?
My father must think I don’t want him to leave. But that isn’t my main concern. I fear I will never see my love, André, again. “Don’t worry, I’ll find you,â€? Father coos.
“Yes, Father.â€?
We embrace in our last hug.
My instinct is to run away from Délier. But my heart has other plans.
I search for André.
In view of his house, my eyes spot his general figure.
I call out, but my words are lost in gunshots as a wall of fire streams between us.
So close to Andre’s loving grasp, yet so far from safety.
My instinct again says Run the other way!, and this time it, wins out over my heart.
My life changes more in these two minutes than in all twenty-two years of my life. From daughter to runaway in the amount of time it would take me to boil a pot of water. I’m no longer a French lady in a lavish home.. The road is my home now. I don’t know how I will survive this journey.

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