A Hard Day's Night

Rohn would just take tiny spoonfuls and then get cup after cup of water to drink.

Hannah and I were enjoying watching him suffer (sorry Rohn) and we mentioned something about it to my mom so she told us to tell him he didn’t have to eat the broccoli cheese soup. We walked back outside with newly full bowls and sat down once again, pretending we didn’t see Rohn’s agony.

Then my mom yelled out the door “Did you tell Rohn he doesn’t have to eat the soup?” Busted!

After we finished we had to go feed my neighbor’s cat because she was on vacation. Rohn made us listen to some music on his mp3 player that closely resembled yodeling. We left him on the neighbor’s porch and walked inside her house.

When we walked back out into my driveway, my towel fell off and I tumbled into Hannah’s arms, embarassed, as Rohn looked befuddled. I was only wearing a bathing suit.

Eventually we resumed and began talking about movies but somehow I just knew it was the end of a potential long and happy relationship.

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