Colorado part 7: Hesitate

“Okay. Cool,” I sighed with relief.
“You know, Lindsey’s here already,” my dad told me.
“Oh…” I said in a tone I noticed in a weird way.
My dad noticed it, too, apparently, “Why don’t you go hang out with her?”
I shrugged. I wasn’t really entirely sure why I was hesitating hanging out with her, “I don’t know. I just don’t really know her. And plus the fact, Dad, she’s like two years older than me! She’s gonna be a sophomore after this summer whereas I’m only going to be in eighth grade.”
Oh, yeah, that’s why I was hesitant.
At the time, it was sort of a big deal, but looking back on it now, it just seemed stupid.
“Well, I’m sure she wants someone to hang out with, too,” my dad pointed out.
“Yeah, I guess,” I partially agreed, “maybe later, though.”
“All right,” Dad let me off easy.
I thought he was going to make me go hang out with her, but he didn’t. Instead, I went up to my room and unpacked most of my stuff. I mean, I was going to be here for awhile.
Then I stepped outside and took a walk.

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