Colorado part 8: Going to Lindsey's Room

I had taken a walk around the resort ground. The weather was kind of weird. It was cool out, but at the same time it was sort of humid. I wasn’t really sure how to pack clothing wise for that kind of weather.
Now it was about 7:30 and the families that had already arrived at the resort that day were coming over to our room because (shocker!) our room turned out to be the biggest one out of everyone’s.
Charlie and Charlotte Birch were the first ones to come over. Conveniently, they were also Lindsey’s parents. I came downstairs just as they were coming through the door.
Charlotte smiled at me, “Hey, how are you?”
“I’m good,” I replied politely, but I really hated small talk, “where’s Lindsey?”
“She’s in our room watching TV. You can go over there if you want. I’m sure she’d like the company,” Charlotte suggested.
I thought about it quickly so I wouldn’t come off as rude.
“Okay, I think I will,” I decided.
I told my parents I was leaving, slipped on my flats, grabbed a spare room key, and left.

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