Everything Will be Ok

Sunshine flooded in the room. Tears of happiness fill my eyes. It was as if as the sun came out, so did my feelings. We have come a long way.

You and me never crossed my mind before then. I knew I had feelings for you, but it seemed I was out of your league. I would wish out at the stars that you would be mine. It came true.

Then you left. You were forced to. I understood, but my heart didn’t. I couldn’t be without you and my world started crashing. I wanted you to fix it, but you weren’t here. I never moved on. I couldn’t even try.

Now as you step into my room. The sunshine hits your face and it is like a dream. Then you smile and I know you are here to stay. Embracing you as I cry even more, I feel free. Kissing you now I know that everything will be ok.

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