Stepping into the dark

She found my piercing and her fingers played lightly with the jewelry, stopping only when she could sense I was nearing climax.

Pulling her hand from my panties, I placed her moist fingers into my mouth as I unbuttoned her jean skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“I have never done anything like this before,” Gabrielle said. “My husband is at home with the kids and I just wanted to get out of the house for a little while.”

“Please excuse me for saying so, but you seem very comfortable in what you are doing,” I said as I watched her pull her tight black top off revealing small, perfect breasts.

“I am,” Gabrielle began and then paused. “Quite comfortable with what I am doing,” she completed.

I went to the bar and poured some brandy into two glasses. Things were moving a little too fast, even for me, and I wanted to slow things down just a little to savor what was to come.

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