Fishy Hitman(Inspired by penguincaptain18's profile)

“So let me get this right,” the fish said slowly, “What you want me to do is put on that backwards SCUBA suit and go out and kill this guy?”

“Well, technically it’s a SCAWBA , but yes. That’s pretty much what we want you to do,” the cat replied.


“Self Contained Above Water Breathing Apparatus, duh, you cold-blooded weirdo.” The fish gasped.

“You just did NOT !”

“I just DID ! Whatcha gonna do about it, fishy?”

“Not kill dude.”

“Oh…right… I’m sorry!! Really sorry!”

“Right then.” He suited up. “See you later, Felix.” The cat sighed heavily.

“My name is Wafer. You know that.”

“Well I had to get you back, didn’t I?”

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