It started out as a kiss , how did it end up like this?

Watch one isn’t even over and I have to explain away a mushroom cloud.In the year 2308 population and fertility are low, tech has failed us. America is an agrarian society again.We no longer meddle in foreign affairs or welcome immigrants.
You’d think we wouldn’t need a military. You’d be wrong. No longer quite the masters of innovation, we no longer know how to dismantle and neuter the few WMD ’s we possess. For the past 150 years the only thing we’ve been sure of is the necessity of basic maintenance. A 2 year mandatory enlistment is enforced so that those remaining silos have key personnel.
At the beginning of my shift at hot button watch my partner Clive mentioned in an off hand way that his medico had just confirmed his fertility.I hesitated not a moment – it’s every fertile Americans duty and dream to produce babies! In our ardor we must have hit a switch or pressed a button or something because the klaxons started going off and all hell broke loose.What the hell was i gonna tell the watch commander?

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