The Exit! The Exit!

- Renita-

I sat there in the tiny tunnels, staring at the wall. Adventure was racing through my veins, and I wanted to get out.
“No, I can’t leave… Carlene said it be safe down here…” I told myself…But it wasn’t enough.


Does it ever end?? I thought to myself, still walking down the tunnel. It felt like forever since I left the spot where Carlene and I had stopped. It was hard to manuver in the tunnel, with the ceiling jutting down in different places, and roots criss-crossing the pathway. It was a neverending walk…it was never going to end!

Finally the tunnel turned upward, and I could start to see light filtering in. I stoped when the tunnel went straight up, clouds visible through the exit. I looked for foot support, but there was none. I put a paw on the wall, and for some reason it felt like wood, like the inside of a tree… I crouched down, deciding to jump to get out of the tunnel.

With a powerfull push, I lunged up out of the hole. Fresh air…..And no ground beneath me!

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