Werewolves do not belong in trees!

- Renita-
I let out a panicked howl as I scraped my claws desperately against the tree that I just got out of.

“Why does the tunnel come out of a tree?!” I howled, my front paws only barely latched on to a very dead branch. I looked around. The tree had grown out of the side of a cliff, and some creature dug a hole through the top and into the tunnel. The top of the cliff was at leat 50 feet above me, a waterfall was only a few yards to my left, and the water and rock below… I didn’t even want to look down.

I whimpered, trying to get a better grip on the rotten tree. I couldn’t change back into a human, that was a sure way to fall and out of the options. I thought for a moment, but fear was clogging up my mind.

“Why me…?” I whimpered, my back paws scraping against the tree. “Werewolves do not belong in trees…or on a cliff…”

There was a loud crack and I looked up. The branch I was holding onto was shattering at its base.

“No!” But it was top late. The branch snapped, and I going down..

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