Easy, Breezy, Beautiful;; CoverGirl.

The next stop was makeup. I had seen a lot of ads for CoverGirl, and so it was CoverGirl that we bought.

Eyeshadow in an assortment of colors and a whole other assortment of browns, “In the light browns for a casual look.”; eyeliner, “A darker brown to compliment the eyeshadow.”; mascara and an eyelash curler, “For a bolder look.”; and an assortment of blushes, chapsticks, and lip glosses. I was incredibley thankful for the makeup lady at the store; I never would have known what to buy and who knows what my mom would have told me.

But now I was at the tricky part – I had to go next door to my old friend, Trisha, who is the most popular person a grade up from my own, and ask her 1) how to put on all of the makeup and 2) how to act.

Ringing her doorbell was the most nerve-wrecking thing I ever had to do, and her reaction was all but expected.

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