Prince William, I thank you! [Perfect Moment Ruined Challenge]

I am in a bad mood today. My friend for some reason stabbed me in the back, somebody stole my wallet, my boyfriend broke up with me, I just found out that the same person who stole my wallet as already spent two thousand dollars on my debit card, must I continue?

Oh, and you must not forget the topping, I’m locked out of my house and its pouring down rain. So here I am, sitting on my front steps, my cloths and hair soaked, waiting for my phychotic mother to drive 15 miles to let me into my own house. I officailly declare today the worst day of my life!

I don’t have any money, no way to get into my house for the next half an hour, and not even anyone to complain to. What good is that!?

Wait, is that Prince William walking up the street? And all his body guards? Where is his limo? Oh, it broke down at the corner, ok. Man, not even the prince is having a good day. Oh my gosh! The Prince of Wales just fell! He just slipped! Thats is so funny!

I guess this perfectly horrible day is now ruined!

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