He viciously began shooting the light at the buble the buble that emersed me. I felt my heart vibrate with pain each time the gold magic hit my force feild.

“You thought you could run from us, bitch?!” he screamed.

By this time, everyone in the club was staring…or screaming. It didn’t matter, though. He would just erase their memories.

My heart couldn’t take much more pain. Tierran wasn’t giving up. I had to do something.

I disipated my force feild. My hands started to heat up as a deep blue light engulfed them.

Just as he tried to strike again, I threw the light at him. Like a raging river, it emerged from my palms and rushed at him. My entire body vibrated from the great force.

It hit Tierran in the face, knocking him to the floor.
My hands slowly faded back to the pale color of my skin as they cooled. The light had gone no further than Tierran’s body, which meant he had absorbed it. He lay on his back, unmoving. Absorbing that much power could have easily killed him.

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