Solving the Mystery

Janice opened up her aol homepage and clicked the mail box icon. It seemed to load unusually slow. “Its never this slow. Why now?” she muttered to herself, fustration growing. Relax, the voice said to her, I’m sure its worth the wait. “Yeah you’re right.” Aren’t I always? Janice didn’t respond to the voice.

After what seemed like three eternities rolled into one, she finally heard the “You’ve got mail”. Janice settled down to solve a mystery.

... Those eyes of the deepest saphire that engulf me like a quicksand trap of love… The touch of an angel. A beautiful, dark haired angel… The sight of her smiling face could brighten even the darkest of hearts… My fingers through your hair like children running through a feild of flowers. Happy and care free… How he longed to hold her, to keep her safe from the evis of the world. To tell her how he felt… Matt had finally built up the courage to call her. To confess to her…

“Oh” My “God.” They are about you. “You were right.”

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