Superpowers will eventually be developed! [League of Awesomeness 2075+ Challenge]

The screams of people running in the street echoed through the building.

“Oh, no!” The Sorceress of Awesomeness cried as she looked into her swirling crystal ball. “The giant Tortoise of Doom is rampaging through the city! He must be stopped!”

The Dark Princess of Awesomeness sat glumly on the couch, staring at the city through the large window. Why? They all deserve it anyway, she thought dismally.

The Psychadelic Hippy of Awesomeness saundered over to the Dark Princess. “Heyyyy, why so angry, maaan? Just… chill… take it aaaalll iiiinnn…”

The Sorceress stared at the Hippy. “Now, quick!! League of Awesomeness… Assemble!!!

The three members of the League of Awesomeness stood in a semicircle and punched their fists together. “All for awesome, and awesome for all!”

They ran out of the A-shaped building and flew through the air, attacking the huge reptile. The citizens of The Awesome City threw a parade for them, with the Grand Marshall of Awesomeness himself.

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