All For Leyna

“Should I call you?” Billy asked in an off-handed manner.
“No,” Leyna frowned. “I’m seeing someone. Goodbye, it was nice seeing you.”
Russell turned an apologetic grimace in Billy’s direction.
“I’m sorry; I thought it would work. But, she caught up in ‘Richie’.”
“You don’t get it do you? Everything! Everything I’ve ever done…Everytime I lift my weary shoulders so that I might keep breathing…it was for her. It was all for Leyna. Then, you invite me to this little shindig, and you warn me that she’s ill...Do you think I cared? Because, I don’t.” Billy’s painful laughter was void of all humor.

Leyna turned in the doorway. Her face was a strange mixture of surprise and confusion. I have Richie. I have Richie. She reminded herself.
A single tear fell from her face as she walked out the door.
Three words echoed in her skull: All for Leyna.

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