Welcome to Life Challenge

Welcome to life…

Let’s say that a baby is born, some little tiny person you can be completely honest with about what life is. You can tell them and trust them to keep it a secret because they won’t remember, they won’t understand.

What advice, completely unadulterated and real, would you give this new individual? What, given the chance, would you really tell someone life’s about? Are you still learning? Would you tell them that?

I’m challenging you to examine yourself as you are, to take a look at your experiences, and to explain to some anonymous, wise newborn somewhere on the internet, what they should really expect from life. Advise well, ficleteers.

I don’t know if I’m ever really going to judge this, but who knows? If I decide to, I’ll post a date then. For now, I just want to know: what’s your advice?

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