Rumors chapter 2 dates part 1

At the sleepover Jen and Cathy talked the whole time about Nick and Mike. Maggie fell asleep.
The next morning Maggie woke up and Jen and Cathy were still up talking about them. “You didn’t even go to sleep?’’ Maggie asked. Jen yawned then looked at her watch. “Hey look at the time its 12 a.m. lets go to sleep now.” Jen said. “Oh my god Jen its 12 p.m. and a.m.. Lets go have breakfast.” MAggie said.” Ohh ok” they said.
The had pancakes for breakfast. Around 1ish Nick and Mike called them. They talked and then they planned a date for tonight. Jen was so excited so she asked Maggie to go to the mall with her. They went to Hollister first. “oo this skirt is cute.” Maggie said. She was holding a cute mini skirt which is pink. “OK” Jen said. Then they went to Ambercrombie and fitch. Maggie found a cute sweater. “I want THIS !” she said. “ME to” Jen said. They both got it. THere dates went great.

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