Rumors part 2 chapt 2

In school This guy Chris always smiled at Maggie. She smiled back. One day Chris got the nerve to go up to Maggie and asked her out. Maggie said yes. The next night they went to friendlys. Now they all had boyfriends.
A few weeks later they were all still together. Nick went up to the girls. “Guys our tours coming up… But to go we will need to miss the rest of 9th grade…” “That means we will have to repeat this grade. “No we can get our work faxed and textbooks mailed and we will bring as much as we can.
The girls went home and asked there moms. They said yes. Maggie was so happy, so was Jen and Cathy, but they had a problem. “ARe you gonna have to brake up with them?” Cathy asked. “I i Don’t Know maybe we should tell them the truth..?” Jen said. “I’m not sure.. Maybe they can come?’’ Maggie said. “No” Cathy said. “ok lets tell him the truth.” Jen said.

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