Life: The Challenge You Can't Afford To Refuse [New Life Challenge]

Now, I know you’re not dumb.

They say you can’t even open your own eyes, but behind those closed eyelids, I know you’re awake.

So listen up. Your ears are working just as well as your brain. What I have to tell you just might save your small hide one day. Thank me then.

I want to talk to you about life.

The kind that will make you cry for no reason at all. The kind that makes you want to rip your own head off with frustration. The kind that makes you laugh for an hour straight.

That kind of life.

You have to make it through this thing, and leave without a shattered, twisted contortion of the way the world works.

And you will fail.

I’ll tell you that from the start.

It’s an impossible challenge, but one you can’t refuse.

Just remember:

No matter how many bad times there may be, no matter how much you want to give up, you can’t, because you know, deep inside, that there is always one moment, one second of your future, that will make all of the pain worth it.

Good luck, newbie.

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