Always Right (Except for that one time with the possum)

Of course I was right. When aren’t I? The voice said.
“Well there was that one time…”
Oh leave me be. How was I supposed to know that possums play dead?
“What ever,” Janice said, “I really can’t believe this.”
Now all we have to do is wait for Monday. He has to be asking you out.
You really think that’s THE question?
Janice thought, finally not responding out loud.
Oh yeah for sure that’s the question. What else could it be? Do you think elephants can use their ears to fly?
Well of course they can. Haven’t you seen Dumbo.
Not funny. You know I’ve seen Dumbo. I always cry during that part with the mom.
Oh yeah. That’s right.
But really. What else could it be? Especially after reading THAT ?

Janice glanced at the e-mail. He does practically describe me…
Exactly. He’s completely head over heals.
Now, I wouldn’t say that.
I would.
You always make a big deal out of little things.
That and I’m always right.

Janice rolled her eyes.

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